Georgia Sports Massage
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120 Interstate North Parkway. Building 100. Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30339

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Sports Massage Therapy

30 Minute Sports Massage - $70
45 Minute Sports Massage - $85
60 Minute Sports Massage - $100
90 Minute Sports Massage - $150

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Myofascial Release Technique 90 minutes - $150
Rae Long uses the John Barns Myofascial Release Technique which applies a slow, gentle stretch to penetrate deeply within the fascial system of connective tissue. The goal of this treatment is to free-up connective tissue restrictions allowing for increased range of motion and better postural alignment, resulting in decrease of pain.
Myofascial Release Technique 60-Minutes - $100
60-minute Myofascial Release session with Rae Long

KT/RockTape Taping

KT/RockTape Taping - $15
Taping for pain, posture, swelling/inflammation, muscle fatigue, and performance.

Sports Massage with Collette

Sports Massage with Collette - $150
A Sports Massage with Collette is a comprehensive, individualized treatment session which may include trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, cupping, fascial scraping, KT Taping, Thai massage and stretching.
Directions 120 Interstate North Parkway. Suite 120. Atlanta, GA, USA